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Tournament Predictions: 2017 CJ Cup

*Welcome to the Golf Digest Tournament Predictor. Dr. Lucius Riccio, a statistical contributor to Golf Digest for 30 years and one of the inventors of the USGA Slope System, has developed a model for predicting tournament outcomes. Each week we'll run Riccio's forecast against Golf Digest writer Joel Beall's expert picks, offering analysis and advice in the process. Customize the prediction tool below to make your own selections and see how you stack up against the pros!*
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Augusta's New Boss
Fred Ridley is ready for his Masters moment
By Jaime Diaz
October 16, 2017
The Write Stuff

The VERY BIG book that could

It’s 684 pages and nearly half a million words long, weighs almost 10 pounds and took seven years to write. The story behind one of the most distinctive books in golf history
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